Spreading germs, anyone?

Every one of you that doesn’t wash your hands properly, and goes out in public when you’re contagious, are more guilty of spreading disease as those who do not get a vaccine.


Alberta… You have a problem

For a couple years now BC has been harassed by Alberta about the pipeline. Alberta, your Premier is an emotionally immature woman.  Social media users called for a boycott of BC since early 2018, which could be damaging to BC’s economy, as one article states.  Your Premier has called us “shitheads”, has spend millions of […]

Canada, eh? Most of us aren’t like that

When I went away to school for a year, I met a couple guys that were from California.  This was their first time in Canada.  They said “Canadians say hoser a lot”.  I said we didn’t.  I should know, as I’ve lived in Canada my whole life.  The one American got really hostile and said […]

Uninformed Opinions

I often avoid using forums for advice.  You will find over half the people giving advice don’t know anything. I was recently searching as to whether you could heat up a rice hot/cold pack in the oven.  A multitude of people said things like “I suppose you could wrap it in tin foil and put […]

Online Reviews

Time and time again I see stupid product reviews.  Product reviews are what the name implies… product reviews.  They are not a review on the customer service of the company.  They are not a review on your experience with the shipping of the product.  They are definitely not about the picture that google chose to post in the […]

Letter #1

As this is my first “letter” I will explain.  From a very young age I was taught that I don’t have a voice.  “No” was never to be in my vocabulary.  I was to be immediately obedient to anyone who commanded anything of me.  I was to stand there and let people yell at me, […]

Blame it on Trudeau – even if he wasn’t there

Its July of 2017 in British Columbia Canada and we have severe forest fires.  In the summer of 2015 there were also fires.  The question came up as to “Why B.C. isn’t using the Martin Mars water bomber to fight the wildfires.” The article in question of course had a comment section at the bottom.  Here […]

Vegan Hypocrisy

Veganism has become not just a diet, it is now an identity.  “I’m vegan” is a statement meant to portray ethics, morality and ultimate superiority. I saw on a box of vegan chocolates “the mindful, conscious, sustainable choice”.  Ah, so I’m apparently not mindful if I’m not vegan?  How very judgmental and rude.  To pretend that there’s […]